At Almond, our mission is to help reduce the barriers to cross-border payments and credit, helping more people connect with financial institutions and benefit from the world economy.

The only way we can achieve this is by ensuring that each transaction facilitated by Almond FinTech is secure and transparent. That’s why we are committed to the strongest standards of financial and information security compliance.

Financial Compliance


To strengthen the global banking system, Almond FinTech partners closely with its partners to help licensed and regulated financial institutions settle funds meeting the highest possible compliance standards.

However, Almond FinTech is just what it says it is – a technology company. Our clients, some of the most trusted banking institutions, must own their own compliance.  We ask each partner to follow our Know-Your-Business policy and ensure they are meeting local licensing and regulatory compliance regulations.

Information Security Compliance


In the 21st century, financial data is the proverbial bank vault for would-be thieves.

At Almond FinTech, we understand the importance of protecting sensitive financial and personal data information. That’s why we are committed to meet all security, technical infrastructure, and operational objectives. Trust is a currency with our clients, and data security is, and has always been, one of our core pillars.


Certifications and Attestations



Trust Services Principles 



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