Credit Scoring

Introducing the credit scoring platform

based on behavioral prediction.


Almond uses a combination of psychometric and financial data that enables our clients to provide fast, low-risk, ethical loans to communities with unconventional or limited credit histories.

Lenders use our Almond Credit Scoring platform to manage assessments, see results, and monitor in-depth analysis. Smart API integration enables borrowers to take our white-labeled assessment as a part of any existing onboarding process.

Our novel evaluation model draws from 100+ traits and 500+ aspects across a pool of 150 personality, attitude, financial behavior, and basic interest scales.

The credit scoring platform can be tailor-made to fit your organizational needs, takes 10 minutes to complete and can be taken both online and offline. A clever built-in response system flags inaccurate results.

Our scoring services are currently live in Nigeria, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Mexico, and Pakistan.

To learn more about the credit platform, contact us.