Blockchain-driven, People-focused

Almond is part of a new breed of cross-border financial innovations that move money in nimble new ways. By seamlessly bridging the worlds of fiat and digital currency, the Almond API suite is able to reduce settlement time, slash costs, and optimize settlements, while offering new levels of transparency.

Almond Transfer Protocol:

Both Fiat and Crypto

When you’re leaping from one ecosystem to another as you are with any cross-border payment, there’s a tremendous amount of friction to overcome. The Almond Transfer Protocol expands coverage by standardizing cross-border communications between financial institutions, then optimizing the conversion between fiat and digital currency.

A transaction starts with a deposit in fiat currency at the sending financial institution. It’s then transferred cross-border in the form of a digital currency through a network of digital currency exchanges. Finally, it’s transferred back from digital currency to fiat currency at the beneficiary financial institution.

The Almond proprietary algorithm tracks fees, demand and trends across several digital currency networks to recommend routing and digital currency for each settlement. This is how fees, timing, and other key metrics are continually optimized for the network.