Meet the Almond Team

Powered by a diverse group of people who know the landscape, Almond is positioned to open up financial services throughout Southeast Asia.  Our current team includes a dozen Harvard, MIT, and Brown-educated hackers and visionaries, with an average decade of global experience in the industry.


Chief Executive Officer

Adam Swartzbaugh

15 years of strategy and development leadership experience across Asia.  Special Forces Commander in Europe, Middle East, and Pacific.
MIT, Harvard University, Brown University

Chief Technology Officer

Yunus Sevimli

Nearly a decade of product development and management through technology startups and early-stage companies in the US and Asia.
MIT, Johns Hopkins University

Chief Marketing Officer

Howard Davidson

20 years defining and executing marketing and communications strategy that support consistent business growth and enhances brand equity, and awareness for startup and enterprise brands.

Chief Financial Officer

Hayden Brink

Nearly a decade of finance, financial modeling, CFO services, management consulting, investment banking venture capital and startup expertise. CAFCA,  University of Denver

Assessment Scientist

Rhys Lewis, Ph.D.

13 years of experience building psychometric assessments to predict behavior, including loan repayment. Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Western University

Microfinance Strategy Lead

Tali Shalaby

3 years of international development and non-profit experience.
Barnard College

Product Strategy

Emma Currier

6 years of business development, analysis and finance in SE Asia.
MIT, Brown

Senior Software Engineer

Ali Haider

10 plus years as a full-stack developer using enterprise financial and identity management applications. Security, authorization, and standards expertise. Lead developer for European bank app.


Chief Compliance Officer

Jeff Kern

15 years of regulatory compliance and security leadership experience at cutting edge financial services companies including Google, Coinbase and bitFlyer.

Head of Law and Public Policy

Mohammad Hamdy

15 years of international regulation, trade, and investment law and policy.
LL.M. & S.J.D, Harvard Law School
Global Expansion Strategy

Mainak Ghosh

Recent experience as a venture capital investor at Saison Capital, a data scientist at Engineers Gate, and co-founded a shipping startup in Eastern Europe.
Yale University. MIT MBA candidate


Luis Vinke

Experience includes BCG Management Consultant, STMicroelectronics Account Manager, and consulting work for innovative startups in Latam.

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