Add Digital Transfer Services Quickly and Easily

Instant Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Blockchain technology enables your customers to make secure, immediate transfers between bank and wallet accounts worldwide, putting your organization at the forefront of blockchain funds transfer services.

Transfer Digital Currency Globally

Blockchain-based funds transfer infrastructure enabling digital currency in every participating country to settle funds swiftly between partners. In addition, recipients can quickly convert funds to their native fiat currency.

Best of Class White-Label Interface

Optional web or mobile-based UI provides branded integration into your existing applications, keeping your brand in front of your customers. Plus, no training required.

Capture New Markets in the Fast-Growing World of Digital Currency Payment Technology

Seamless integration

Keep It Simple

Offer an exciting new service to customers without a barrier to entry, confusing apps to download, or branch staff requirements. And since Almond plugs into the mobile and web platforms you are already using, there are no implementation costs.

Easily Scales as Needed

Almond APIs are intuitive, well documented, and can be implemented directly into your existing web-based services. There’s no burden on your IT or admin staff. Within three weeks, your customers can begin sending and receiving money across our network—and you can start growing new business.

Secure Immediate Settlements

Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge

Users can send and receive money within seconds while tracking the process on their existing apps. Funds are then converted to the recipient’s native fiat currency.

Dramatically Reduced Processing Fees

Because blockchain eliminates intermediaries that participate in traditional banking rails, Almond is able to reduce transaction costs significantly.

Built-in AML compliance

Almond technology incorporates anti-money laundering software using machine learning. All partners and transactions on our safe, compliant network are screened against sanctions lists, PEPs, and adverse media data. In addition, we have a dedicated financial crime team to identify suspicious activity.

No Float Requirements

Instant Transfers Eliminate Gaps

Instant transactions mitigate the need for float to cover transaction gaps. As a result, you can enable transactions without the cost or hassle of funding international float accounts.

Simplified KYC Requirements

Client details and settlements are recorded in distributed databases for maximum security: the inherent value of blockchain technology.

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