Serving financial institutions, anywhere in the world.

Cross-border payments are expected to reach $35 trillion in 2022 (Juniper Research), yet they can still be unpredictable. Latency, fees, and policies all add friction across countries, currencies, and payment categories.

Borderless Value Transfer for Financial Institutions

Almond standardizes cross-border communication between financial institutions to create interoperability across the Almond global network. Cross-border payments use highly available and scalable blockchain technology optimized for efficiency, transparency, speed and cost. What took days now takes minutes, at a small fraction of what these payments once cost.

Borderless Value Transfer for Your Customers

Almond streamlines cross-border payments for your customer. All they see is a trusted local bank, mobile wallet provider, microfinance lender, digital currency exchange or remittance provider with new global reach via the Almond network. Your customers can send or receive funds from all over the world, while maintaining the ability to track payments in real time.