We help people move money where it’s needed most.

Money on a Mission.

Almond is the international funds transfer network that connects people and financial institutions everywhere. Through its open and transparent platform, Almond enables greater interoperability between financial institutions, so that individuals can access and share funds across borders more quickly and securely at the lowest possible cost.

Let’s maximize interconnectivity.

When people and financial institutions all over the globe are able to align around efficient cross-border payments, the possibilities are wide open. Money is able to reach new places faster and more efficiently than ever.


Streamline everything.

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There’s a more efficient world with fewer obstacles standing in the way of cross-border payments and credit. Fiat currency and digital currency now leverage their unique strengths to work together.


The entire world wants a better way.

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Today, every industry is purging inefficiencies as never before. It’s time to do the same with the opaque and archaic ways money flows across borders, as well as how it’s dispensed through credit. It’s a new world with entirely new tools at everyone’s disposal. We can see new things, act in new ways, and move with greater clarity and more certainty than ever.


Almond is the one solution for multiple cross-border payment scenarios